From the album If The Lord Be Willing

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I hope you find that, special someone, I turned out to be.
We didn’t like, the way I was, so I got me a degree.
Dancing lessons, Dr. Ruth, romantic novels through the roof………….

I graduated on 90 proof and you thought I was uncouth

I got a Honky Tonk Degree, I can dance around the floor smooth as can be
A Honky Tonk Degree, what women want they hear from me
I used to hang around the house, quiet as a mouse
Now I’m getting loud’ with all the rowdy crowd
I got a Honky Tonk Degree, what do you think of me.

A man don’t know, a girl needs more, a real life fantasy
And workin’ hard and staying home ain’t what they want you see
Going out on Friday nights, it’s more to their deepest delight………..

Lock the door, turn out the light, we’re going out tonight.


Women like to tell their friends about their lover’s faults
But better still juicy details about the weekend waltz
He is so cute, he holds me tight and everything he says just right……….

Because he studied day and night, for his Honky Tonk Degree.


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