From the album If The Lord Be Willing

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If the Lord be willing, don’t worry about the creek.

Well he took the children of Israel across that old red sea

I don’t know what it means to you but it means a lot to me

He could have built a golden bridge or fleet of ships had sent

Instead he split the waters and across dry land they went


If the Lord be willing don’t worry about the creek

Cause he makes the creek to rise or fall, He made the rain and the waters all

The winds and the sea obey his will and a great calm follows

Peace ……… Be Still

Instrumental break: verse (banjo)

When Paul and Silas were kept in Jail, their feet held tight in stocks

They didn’t weep and cry and wail they didn’t mind the locks

They put their faith in God above and prayed and sang and praised

When God responded to their love more than the roof was raised