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  1. Keep Us Safe

From the album Wild Love Ride

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Keep us Safe

Once a star in the night with its tail shining bright, was pointing to, where our Savior stayed.

As he lay there asleep, The shepherds watched their sheep, They might have prayed to God, their souls to keep.

Chorus: Keep us safe thru the night, Keep us safe keep us right, You have sent us your guiding light,
May we love the Lord our God, with all our might.

There were nails in his hands, as he died like God planned, He arose three days from the grave.
I’ve been washed in the blood, of the Lamb from above, I thank God for the love He gave.


There’s a Bible in my hand, that tells of God’s plan, the Word, the Light, and the Way. And if I use it well, and others of it tell, I’ll be shining on that, final Judgment day.