From the album Wild Love Ride

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Wild Love Ride

Met at the diner singing a song.
Your eyes caught mine, we felt it so strong
Your hand felt perfect, held onto mine.
Together forever, don’t start me a lying.

We’re fueled by passion, we’re building steam.
Holding each other, as we rock and dream.
Stoking the fire, with kisses hot,
No thought of tomorrow, this we know we got

Chorus: Just when I think we’re a taking it slow
The bottom falls out and here we go
Back on the train, flying again
Back on the track of this wild love we’re in

It’s not a smooth ride, There’s ups and downs
Riding that train, oh the love we’ve found
I got my eyes closed, my hands in your’s
Will you still love me as we make the curves


The bridge is out and their fixing tracks
We’re not slowing down or a looking back
We’re headed forward, on through the night
All of our sanity has taken flight