From the album Wild Love Ride

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You’ll Always Be Eighteen To Me

Barely eighteen, the night they were married, She was a vision in white

He kissed her and said I’ll always remember, how lovely you look tonight

Now on the day their daughter will marry, she brushes away a tear

She’s feeling older, but smiles as he holds her and says what he’s told her for years

(Chorus) You’ll always be eighteen to me
When Iook at you, it’s a young girl I see You’ll never grow older in my memory You’ll always be eighteen to me

The grandkids were looking at old family pictures, laughing about way back when

Her namesake Emily Ann said, “Grandma, you sure were pretty back then”

As nighttime draws near, the house feels so empty now that the kids are gone

She takes down the box and lost in sweet memories, she looks at the pictures alone

(Bridge) As she brushes her hair, she looks in the mirror
The lines in her face show the year
She closes her eyes and hears his sweet voice (small pause)
And it’s almost as if he were here………………
Repeat chorus 2 x and tag

written by Rita Jones Music
308 Longhorn Pkwy
Axtell, TX. 76624
(254) – 863 - 5743