From the album Wild Love Ride

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Shoulder to Shoulder

I never thought a girl so cute could love me for her own.
But when I looked at you I knew I’d never be alone
The way you smiled, the way you walked just turned my world around
My head went kind of dizzy and my heart began to pound
And it’s
Shoulder to shoulder, hand in your hand
Going through life, the way God had it planned
One man and one woman, workin’ as a team
Striving together, fulfilling all our dreams

I never met a woman I’d always want for mine
But when I saw you look my way, you had me hook and line
Your eyes did something to me, that no one’s ever did
With any other woman I would have run and hid
But now its

(Wil) (Darla)
My lips told you I loved you, They caught me unaware
I tried to play it off, but you knew how much I cared
I couldn’t live without you, you’re always in my head
And now Im yours forever, ‘cause you and I are wed and it’s (Chorus)